1207 Alameda Ave

The Warwicks invited Ziggurat to re-master this unfit domicile to be a more dignified, comfortable new homestead for their family. They asked us to update and improve, while keeping as many of its existing "good bones", as possible. A ground-breaking solution was devised to unveil ocean views and to bring in more natural light: sink a new garage--halfway below grade--in place of the old Carport; then crown this with a large deck suited for waterfront entertaining. Wood and stone were used in abundance, and a natural color palette was adapted, warming things up and engendering this modern, ìCraftsman Hybridî with a lodge-like ambiance. Warwick House has been featured in San Diego Home/Gardens, as well as many notable national publications, such as Better Homes & Garden.

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4220 Ridgeway Drive

Dan & Stacy Begin (pronounced “Bee-guhn”) loved the charm of their historic Kensington location, but knew that the style of their 1950’s home was out of place amongst the classic 1920s and 30s Spanish Colonials.  Even more so, their floor plan did not meet the family’s needs.  The Begins retained Ziggurat to improve the layout of their home, add more square footage, and make it a better fit for the neighborhood.

The Begins selected a plan that included a second story addition. However, just as the plans were being permitted, construction costs sky-rocketed, and their budget would not allow for it.  The solution: go with a one story remodel and expansion, but engineer the first story to be able to sustain a new, 2nd story addition at a later time. With a home that is no longer the “Black Sheep” on their street, the Begins feel a new sense of "pride of place"!